DDE for Java

Attention: DDE for Java is no longer updated. However it is made free to download (see links below). For any questions send email to support@javaparts.com.

DDE for Java library allows Java applications to communicate with native applications on Windows platform via Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol.

DDE for Java Features

Less than 100Kb in size this library uses Java Native Interface (JNI) to make Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) functions available from Java language. Efficient implementation provides fast communication with Windows applications via DDE protocol. From a standalone Java application, a web application, or an applet this library will help you easily plug-in into existing DDE servers such as Microsoft Office, Stock information servers, Medical services and scientific data servers.

Supported DDE transactions (both synchronous and asynchronous are supported):

Other features include:

Our DDE Proxy Server breaks boundaries of Windows platform and provides DDE client functionality on any operating system that supports TCP networking.

All DDE for Java users can download a free version of DDE Monitor to debug and troubleshoot DDE transactions.

Download DDE for Java